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The trip

Classic Tour by Argentina.

Argentina classical program comprises a circuit around the country visiting the most known and major tourist attraction in its landscape and beauty destinations.
Iguazu will be 2 nights, allowing us to enjoy the falls on the Argentine side and Brazilian. The falls are located within two national parks comprising a wonderful rainforest filled with a very attractive and lively fauna.
Each of the visits is walking down the ramps that we provide the parks almost touching the water and making vibrate with each of the waterfalls.

Our stay in Puerto Madryn or New Gulf, also contains 2 nights and specialized guides we take to make the obligatory visit to the penguin and sea lion colony with the possibility of being so close to these amazing animals for his clumsiness on land and marvel at his agility in the water.
Also if the weather and sea tides, accompany us, we will take the boat to the whale humpback whale occurs every season from late August until December to have pups in the Gulf.

In Ushuaia in three days and two nights, we know the southernmost city in the world with the natural setting and the wonderful combination of sea, lakes, forests and mountains.
A city that allows its virgin territories in activities such as tracking, horse riding, climbing, diving and wonderful photographic safaris.

El Calafate where we recommend a minimum of 2 nights but by adding 1 more day, could cross the Andes to visit the National Park Torres del Paine in Chile.
The navigation of the lakes and watching the glacier fill us with energy and brings us closer than ever to the force of nature.

Finally we reached the city of Buenos Aires, one of the biggest capitals of the world, with a mix of Parisian cafe but with the code and the bohemian gathering that characterizes and makes Buenos Aires City's favorite writers and musicians and playwrights.
We recommend you spend some more and take advantage of the various tours and neighborhoods of the city. Their tango cafes and theaters, as well as the Delta and its inhabitants.
Argentina is a very large distances unimaginable for European tourist country, we recommend that causes also, being in the City of Buenos Aires also to regain strength and taste of their grills and meals before returning home.

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Days 1 to 4: Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú

Departure by scheduled flight from your hometown to Buenos Aires. Overnight on board.

Arrival rapid transfer and assistance related to the hotel of your choice. Free afternoon to enjoy the city of Buenos Aires, we recommend a visit to some of its most popular neighborhoods such as San Telmo and La Boca. In the evening we invite you to a dinner at Las Nazarenas restaurant (excluding transfers). A classic city.

Breakfast in the morning and the agreed time, transfer to airport and departure flight home interior Iguazu. Transfer to Iguazu hotel and accommodation. In the afternoon we spent looking for the hotel to make the visit or tour of the falls from the Brazilian side.
Iguazu (Brazilian side) National Park has an area of 185,000 hectares, On arrival at the Visitor Center, we enter through the individual access gate, where the park's carrying capacity is controlled. Then we took the bus that start the walk in the park and lead us to the beginning of the tracks where the road is 1200 meters above the path of the Iguazu River canyon. In this point of the departure route, we have a panoramic view of Argentine jumps. It is part of the shooting.
Advancing the tour, we observe the canyon of the Iguazu River, Salto Rivadavia and Three Musketeers, among others. Towards the end of the tour we will get to the bottom of the gorge the view of the Devil, which at this stage is about 200 meters.
This beautiful setting is further enhanced by the ongoing formation of rainbows. The tour ends near the Salto Floriano, where the elevator leading to the coach parking floor is installed. The other alternative is to use the path that leads us to this point of contact and by stairs, we returned to the parking level units.

Day 4 Iguazu
Breakfast at the hotel and departure to Iguazú National Park to visit the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls, located in the national park. With an area of 67,000 hectares; a first protected areas in America. They have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984. The falls are made up of 275 waterfalls falling from an average height of 70 meters. In this piece of sub-tropical forest can be seen during our walk, the wide variety of ferns, orchids, begonias, birds and butterflies; as well as the diversity of native species in the Park.
We headed to the "Central Station" where our choice is to take a train service that leads to the "Cataratas Station" and / or "Devil's Throat Station".
Another way to access the Falls circuits (upper and lower Paseo) is the footpath "Green Path", 600 meters long, which begins in the Visitor Services Centre and ends at the Falls station. From this point we can perform:
Paseo Superior: Route 800 meters, gateways that are raised above the surface so as not to impede the passage or frighten wildlife that inhabits our forests. In this circuit, the waterfalls, seen from the top of Dos Hermanas, Bosetti, Bernabe Mendez, M'Bigua, among others.

Visit lasts one (1) hour. Range of difficulty: easy, no stairs.
Basse Marche: Walk 1600 meters track, high above the ground surface, with a view from the foot jumps two sisters, Alvar Nunez, San Martin, Bosetti, the rock of the Bella Vista (from where we have a panoramic view of the Garganta del Diablo Canyon and the Lower Iguazu River). A unique experience to be and feel part of the natural environment, life and the feeling of the importance of falls closely.
Duration of the visit of two (2) hours. Range of difficulty: moderate, with stairs.
In this circuit, we have the opportunity to visit the island San Martin and loading / unloading for Big Adventure.
Garganta del Diablo: Departure from Cataratas Station, the train will take us to the Garganta station, in a time of approx. 18 minutes. The walk along the catwalks we require about 1,200 meters for fun with spectacular balcony hop growing importance of the falls, the Devil's Throat. The time it takes to walk, it is two (2) hours. Range of difficulty: easy, no stairs.

Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .
Arrived in Buenos Aires e Iguazú - .

Days 5 to 9: Puerto Madryn

Day 5 Puerto Madryn
In the morning after breakfast at the hotel, we transfer to the airport for a scheduled flight to Puerto Madryn, with a stopover in Buenos Aires. Arrival to Trelew and from there we will transfer the private service to the city of Puerto Madryn where you are at your hotel. On the way to our destination the landscape and geography of Patagonia teaches us and gives us an idea of the dimensions of this region. Accommodation.

Day 6 PENINSULA VALDES (Puerto Madryn)
Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning we start an excursion to Peninsula Valdes. After a bus or private car landscape purely Patagonia we reach Puerto Pyramids, where you will see sea lions and sea elephants and take also, if weather conditions permit, a catamaran to meet the whales (July to December). At the end of this unforgettable ride, we will continue to Punta Norte and Caleta Valdes, where we will have the chance to see elephants and sea lions. Return to the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel and we will be able to take the optional excursion to the penguin colony at Punta Tombo. This is also a great opportunity to see these large birds and enjoy seeing their habitat. Failure to take any optional excursion have a day off.
For scuba diving enthusiasts, Puerto Madryn is the ideal city. Hopefully we can go snorkeling with sea lions and sea elephants. Not to mention the flora and fauna of the region in its continental shelf.

Day 8 Peninsula Valdes / USHUAIA
In the morning, breakfast at the hotel and transfer to airport for your scheduled flight to Ushuaia. Upon arrival, we will have the transfer to the hotel and accommodation.

Breakfast at the hotel and take a visit to the Tierra del Fuego national park with free entry. In the national park, you can enjoy the grandeur of southern Argentina and we recommend taking the train called doomsday. After an unforgettable ride back to the hotel.

Half day visit to the National Park Tierra del Fuego

Duration: 4 hours Departures: Daily 8:30 (morning only) Route: 50 km Tour of 4 hours for one of the most important protected areas of the country, and the only coast. We leave the center of the city, towards the SW tour of coastal landscapes and stop after observing glacial valleys in the Southern Fuegian Railway Station where passengers entering the park aboard the famous train from the end of the world (optional), after the arrival of passengers to the Park, and The tour begins with the different attractions like Ensenada Bay where you can enjoy concheros anthropogenic who speak an indigenous settlement in the area dates back to about 6500 years ago. Then the tour continues to Lake Roca where we see the geography of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego twinned with the Republic of Chile. After a hike through the forest, we take a break where we will regain strength sipping coffee in chocolate or confectionery "La Casita del Bosque" located on the banks of the Lapataia River. From here we head towards the end of National Route 3, at Lapataia Bay, where we arrive by walking or with our coaches. Then we return to the city.

In the afternoon we have the opportunity to take the Canal option catamaran excursion to Beagle Scouts lighthouse, Bird Island and the island of Lobos.
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Days 10 to 14: Ushuaia y Calafate

Day 10 Ushuaia / El Calafate
Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport for your scheduled flight to El Calafate. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 11 El Calafate / Perito Moreno Glacier

Breakfast at the hotel. That same day, we took a day trip to the Perito Moreno glacier, with free admission to the National Park, after enjoying the grandeur of this spectacular ice monster we return to the hotel. Accommodation. A day excursion to the Perito Moreno glacier and housing.

Distance: 160 km Departure: 9:00 Time: 7/8 hours. Note: Does not include lunch. The visit to the most famous glacier starts from El Calafate, passing the provincial road 11, with Lake Argentino on our right and contemplating the Andean transition Patagonian steppe vegetation composed of Lengas, ñires and flowers of intense colors notro between red hues. Already in the Los Glaciares National Park, we enter the long and wide catwalks perspective Moreno Glacier, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. The walkways are arranged on three levels, from which we are surprised by spectacular views of the Perito Moreno Glacier always punctuated by periodic landslides, sometimes very important to her forehead. .Alojamiento Back at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel and have the opportunity to take the optional excursion sailing on Lake Argentino to the Upsala and Onelli. This is one of those who claim to travel many kilometers and worth seeing. In the afternoon return to the hotel. Accommodation.

Breakfast and transfer to the airport for a scheduled flight to Buenos Aires. Mobile Hotel and accommodation. We recommend a good rest at night enjoy the night porteña.Los invite you to enjoy a tango dinner at Los Angelitos coffee or similar.

Stay in the chosen hotel. Tour Of The City. End of services.
In the morning, transfer to the airport.

Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico
Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico
Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico
Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico
Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico
Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico
Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico
Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico
Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico
Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico
Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico
Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico
Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico
Ushuaia y Calafate - Turismo Clásico

The route

Optional tours

** Prices are per person

Argentine Falls journée complète avec Train

Saison: Toute l'année

Durée: environ 6 heures.
Départs réguliers: chaque jour, dans la matinée
Note: Déjeuner non inclus.
Nous vous suggérons de vendre cette tournée comme journée complète pour la meilleure utilisation de la ressource et les options supplémentaires disponibles dans le Parque.Salida l'hôtel pour visiter le côté argentin des chutes d'Iguazu, situé à l'intérieur du Parc national d'Iguazu, couvrant une superficie de 67.000 hectares ; une première des zones protégées en Amérique. Ils ont été déclarés site du patrimoine mondial par l'UNESCO en 1984. Les chutes sont constitués de 275 cascades qui tombent d'une hauteur moyenne de 70 metros.En ce morceau de forêt sub-tropicale peut être vu lors de notre promenade La grande variété de fougères, orchidées, bégonias, les oiseaux et les papillons; ainsi que la diversité des espèces indigènes vivant dans le Parc.

Nous nous sommes dirigés à la "Central Station" où notre choix est de prendre un service de train qui mène à la "station Cataratas" et / ou "Station Gorge du Diable". Une autre façon d'accéder aux circuits Falls (Paseo supérieure et inférieure) est par le chemin piétonnier "Chemin vert", 600 mètres de long, qui commence dans le Centre des services aux visiteurs et se termine à la gare Falls. De ce point nous pouvons effectuer:

Paseo Supérieur: Route 800 mètres, les passerelles qui sont élevés au-dessus de la surface du sol afin de ne pas déranger ou effrayer le passage de la faune qui habite notre forêt. Dans ce circuit, les chutes d'eau, vus du haut du Dos Hermanas, Bosetti, Bernabe Mendez, M'Bigua, entre autres.

Durée de la visite d'une (1) heure. Gamme de difficulté: facile, pas d'escaliers.

Marche Basse: Marchez 1600 mètres piste, élevé au-dessus de la surface du sol, avec une vue depuis le pied des sauts deux sœurs, Alvar Nunez, San Martin, Bosetti, le rocher de la Bella Vista (d'où nous avons une vue vue panoramique de la Garganta del Diablo Canyon et la rivière Lower Iguazu). Une expérience unique d'être et de se sentir partie de l'environnement naturel, la vie et le sentiment de l'importance des chutes de près.

Durée de la visite de deux (2) heures. Gamme de difficulté: modéré, escaleras.Desde ce circuit, nous avons la possibilité de visiter l'île San Martin et le chargement / déchargement pour Big Adventure.

Garganta del Diablo: Départ de la gare de Cataratas, le train nous amènera à la station Garganta, dans un temps d'env. 18 minutes. La promenade le long des podiums nous exigeons environ 1.200 mètres pour le plaisir avec de spectaculaires balcon hop importance croissante des chutes, la Gorge du Diable. Le temps qu'il faut pour marcher, il est de deux (2) heures. Gamme de difficulté: facile, pas d'escaliers.


220.00 USD USD**


Ce tour offre une aventure passionnante à l'intérieur du Parc national d'Iguazu et les eaux inférieur de la rivière Iguazu. Il est divisé en 2 parties: la navigation dans le semi-rigide (Zodiacs) qui a fait l'approche à pied de la sauts San Martín, Bosetti, Trois Mousquetaires et Garganta del Diablo Canyon et de la navigation en aval par les rapides de la rivière, atteindre Puerto Macuco (3 km des chutes du Niagara) et d'autre part, passer à travers huit kilomètres jungle missionnaire, rendant l'interprétation de la flore et la faune de la région avec des guides spécialisés.
Il est une excursion de vivre et de sentir les chutes.

Durée de la visite: 1 heure.
Vous pouvez commencer à faire cette tournée d'abord, puis la route de navigation à travers la jungle, ou vice versa.
Départs: horaire régulier. De la gare centrale d'entreprise Jungle Explorer ou site d'atterrissage en face de l'île de San Martin.
Gamme de difficulté: élevé - avec des escaliers

55.00 USD USD**


Temporada : todo el año
Duración: 4 horas aproximadamente.
Salidas regulares: Todos los días - en horas de la mañana (El Parque opera para la recepción de visitantes a partir de las 09.00 y hasta las 17.00 horas.
NOTA: Sugerimos que dentro de las posibilidades, se programe esta excursión en horas de la mañana, ya que la posición de sol sobre las Cataratas es propicia para la toma de fotografías en esta parte del día y del mediodía.
Si estamos alojados en Hoteles de Puerto Iguazu, salida del hotel y cruce del Puente Internacional Tancredo  Neves ( Puente de la Fraternidad ), que une las ciudades de Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) con Foz de Iguazu (Brasil).  Aqui tenemos un cruce de frontera y el consiguiente tramite Migratorio en ambos lados del Puente.El Parque Nacional Iguazú (lado brasileño) posee una extensión de 185.000 hectáreas,
Al arribo al Centro del Visitante, debemos ingresar por el Portal de Acceso en forma individual, donde se controla la capacidad de carga del Parque. Seguidamente embarcamos en los autocares que inician el paseo dentro del parque y nos conducirán hasta el inicio de las pasarelas cuyo recorrido será de 1.200 metros de senda sobre la barranca del Río Iguazú.  En este punto de inicio del recorrido, tenemos una vista panorámica de los saltos Argentinos.  Es el escenario para tomar fotografías.
Avanzando en el recorrido, observaremos el cañón del Río Iguazú, el Salto Rivadavia y Tres Mosqueteros, entre otros. Hacia el final del recorrido llegaremos al mirador inferior de la Garganta del Diablo, que en este punto se encuentra a unos 200 metros de distancia.Este maravilloso escenario está aun más realzado por la permanente formación de arco iris.
El recorrido finaliza junto al Salto Floriano, donde esta instalado el elevador que nos lleva hasta el nivel del estacionamiento de los autocares. La otra alternativa es utilizar el sendero que nos lleva hasta este punto de encuentro y que mediante escaleras, nos devuelve al nivel del estacionamiento de las unidades. Regreso al hotel.

60.00 USD USD**

L'observation des baleines

Il est de Puerto Pyramides, à bord des navires. On préfère effectuer l'embarquement début à la recherche des meilleures conditions météorologiques et en cas de mauvais temps, tous les après-midi pour avoir reintentarlo.Operatividad, de mai à décembre expéditions sont faites pour voir les baleines de Décembre à Mars pour voir les lions de mer , des cormorans, des dauphins et éventuellement oscuros.

60.00 USD USD**


Vérifiez le prix de première catégorie. cela servirait une petite collation avec des masses et des sandwichs.

Départ de l'hôtel vers la fin de la Station mondiale, dans le Camping Municipal d'Ushuaia. De là, il ya des trains le long des rives de la rivière serpentant Pipo, va dans le parc national Tierra del Fuego. Cette visite est la même chose que le train de la prison, où vous pouvez voir les troncs des arbres utilisés, des témoins fidèles de ces moments, quand Ushuaia était une colonie pénitentiaire. Voitures respectueuses du début du siècle dernier nous amènent à faire revivre une partie de l'histoire de la Tierra del Fuego.

60.00 USD USD**

The trip includes

  • Tours and excursions as specified in the itinerary.
  • Hotels with breakfast.
  • Entrance fees to national parks.

The trip does not include

  • International and domestic flights, rates and taxes
  • Tips and anything not mentioned in the program