About us



Our company was founded in Geneva , Switzerland , by Mr. Michel Auciello and Mrs. Maria Willener . Meanwhile, the company has grown and gained experience dealing with customers always professionally. Number one for destinations such as Brazil , Latin America and all around the world as customized travel specialist. All our trips can be made in groups or individually. In addition we also work for companies that need advice for their business travel.

Today we are working on a new stage in the field of tourism and business travel. To do this, we have developed and solved our website, a real 2.0 page, where you can get information on travel destinations or just chat with each other and share your experience with your family or friends.

In the comfort of your home, you can enjoy all the advice very easily and get a quick response to your needs and tastes. With this page, you can view and manage your travels, find the best deals of the moment, for any trip, whether short or long duration. You can make changes of dates and obtain all the tips from the best specialists for your customized trip.

Our entire system has been created and designed for all our customers and friends to have a rapid and effective response while respecting their tastes and needs of travel around the world. Always from home, you can access to our website, www.mondovoyages.ch.

Through our website;

You can book your flight, view and manage the trip, the hotel reservations and tickets for events and sports such as Formula 1, etc ...

We know there are special times and special trip in our lives, which is why we have reserved special section for this. Your honey moon. We have a wide range of services worldwide and different categories of hotels and services. Perhaps you have a favorite place to stay or a romantic getaway in the capital of the world you want. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to let us know your tastes and to have access to the offers we provide to you via email. Our company is very interested in customer satisfaction and wants to provide the best service you need. Therefore, we have also created our club.

Travellers Club;

Designed for our customers, that once registered will have a special section where you can get a subsidized price and special services. You can also enjoy hotel rates and special tours designed for you and your family with group travel trips at different times of the year with the best price and various payment terms.

Our specialists;

All our consultants and travel agents are specialists who have lived or traveled several times to your destination. They will share their secrets and tricks to make your trip an unforgettable experience. You can contact us at our office or online by visiting our website or through social networks, and our team will be happy to provide you with complete details regarding your trip abroad and the best recommendations. For your convenience, we have created the site in several languages: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

Our team is at your service to help you create the trip of your dreams and to answer all your questions. Please email info@mondovoyages.ch or using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, where you can also discover our best deals.

Thank you for your preference and we are looking forward to your visit.


Michel Auciello